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PUPEEDERM CARE Whale-Trouble Care (430g/bottle)-Lavender Scented

PUPEEDERM CARE Whale-Trouble Care (430g/bottle)-Lavender Scented

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  • Trouble Care Carbonated Spa that soothes
    your pet's sensitive and relieve itching skin troubles

    When frequently scratching and when inflammation occurs
    When your dog's often lick feet or smell a lot
    Panthenol ingredient helps to soothe skin and
    relieve itchiness and strengthen skin barrier
    Containing Centella Asiatica Extract and Houttuynia Cordata Extract
    enhances skin recovery
  • How to use:
    - Shampoo pet first & rinse before soaking
    - Prepare 15L water in pale for 30gram whale powder and pour completely to create frizziness.
    - Soak pet for 10-15mins. Pour over the water into their top part body and massage, clean face area.

    - No further rinse required and dry completely. 
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