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Bitter Apple 200ml

Bitter Apple 200ml

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Bitter Apple is an educational, non-toxic, and safe product. It discourages dogs and other pets from chewing furniture or any other object, damaging their fur or that of other animals by nibbling, licking their wounds or ripping off their dressings. It's taste discouragement against nibbling! Very persistent.


Instructions for use:

Just a simple spray on the part to be protected and you're done! Renew the application as often as necessary. Avoid using on objects that you will handle later, as well as on any wounds and mucous membranes. It is recommended to test on a hidden part of the object to avoid any surprises.

Do not use near food.

Did you know?  Used for more than 50 years to discourage children from consuming household products, Bittrex is a non-toxic ingredient with an extremely bitter taste. In addition to being harmless, it is odorless and colorless. These characteristics make it the ingredient of choice to prevent nibbling! If you want to get rid of this taste, it's very easy! Just eat a sweet product. The ideal is a piece of chocolate or a mint candy.

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