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Shampoo with organic chamomile extracts, specially designed for white/light hair. It restores colors, prevents yellowing, gives spectacular clarity to furs and adds shine. Suitable for all breeds of dogs, cats and New Pets: Poodles, Afghans, Spitzs, Westies, Samoyeds, Chow Chows, Shih Tzus, Scottish Terriers, Spanish or American Cockers, Groenendaels, Persian Cats, Exotic Shorthair, Birman Sacred, Maine Coon, Norwegian...

Ideal complement to Lady Net (stain remover).


Instructions for use:

It can be used pure or diluted, with 1 volume of shampoo and up to 9 volumes of hot water. Thoroughly wet the animal with warm water and apply the shampoo by massaging to completely impregnate the fur, then rinse. Repeat a second time, leaving the shampoo to act for 3 minutes, and rinse abundantly. For optimal results, use a Ladybel conditioner adapted to the texture of the hair.


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